Piazza Dario Capellini, Manarola 2004 Architectural and artistic planning Silvio Benedetto (in the photo).


Painter, sculptor, author and theatre director, he was born in Buenos Aires on 21 March 1938. His vast exhibited work is well known in Italy and abroad. Authoritative critics have called him "the last of the great mural artists". In the context of his international activity as a mural artist, here are some examples of his large itinerant open-air works: the "valley of painted stones" (110 polychrome rocks on the theme of the Divine Comedy) and "land and fire" (24 large ceramic panels on the theme of the Iliad) both in Campobello di Licata in Agrigento, "artistic itineraries in the man-made park" for the Cinque Terre National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site in the province of La Spezia. Another of his large mural works in Mexico, "Progress and violence" put in place along with some Mexican authors, was threatened by property speculators and Gabriel Garcia Marquez launched a world-wide appeal to save it. Oher activities include the creation of the "Theatre of apartments" and the "Festival of the Cinque Theatre". The Faculty of Philosophy and Arts in the University of Palermo and the Palermo municipal department for cultural goods are preparing a large exhibition-anthology for 2006 that will include, alongside his painting and sculpting and carving activities, his work as photographer and writer, documenting his video-art, performances and theatre.

Emilio Garroni, Andrea Emiliani, Dacia Maraini, Michele Perriera, Luigi Carluccio, Leonardo Benevolo, Umberto Artioli, Angelo Maria Ripellino, Maurizio Calvesi, Enrico Crispolti, Franco Cordelli and Leonardo Sciascia, among others, have written about him.

For a detailed biography including places and dates, important friendships and collaborations, main trips, written work, witness accounts and more, see wwwsilviobenedetto.com and wwwsilviobenedetto.it

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